That Girl

Tue, 05/22/2018 - 15:03 -- JPoetic

Let me put the Ki-a

Inside your soul


Take your heart out of park

So I can drive you away

From your past


Reverse, no more

When we hit curves

We can be neutral


About our disagreements

Say agree to disagree

I want to do everything but

Steer you in the wrong lane

You look like you won’t

Switch up without signaling

Left turn right

Otherwise we may crash


It would be my fault

If the rear gets in the way

Then we must stop

Meet and exchange

Information giving the opportunity

To insure her that this damage

I will pay for


I must pull the emergency break

When it seems I have lost control

When the hydro spews more than

The plane I drive to see you in

When the initial transmission 

Fails to work my mouth closed shut


I hope you will tap

Screwdriver atop my alternator

Before deciding to buy a new one

More time is all I am asking

To take a chance at being

A defensive driver

In the automobile we call love


That girl

Riding in the

2013 Kia Soul

Short and black

Just as she is






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