That Girl...

It starts with a story. 

There's a girl who doesn't see herself. 

What does that mean, some might ask. 

You see her walk the hallways, 

some say she's happy, some say she might be sad. 

Who would know? 

She walks with her head held high, 

always would dress nice, smiled and waved to everyone. 

Then came the rumors. Classic, but true. 

With rumors came false accusations. 

Some might say, 'dont listen to them' because it doenst matter. 

But once it came enough, people started to see what it was really like. 

Just when those people, the ones who stabbed her in the back, 

tried to break her down, made the social media posts, 

put the poster up for public. 

She didn't back down. 

This girl found herself,

surrounded herself with those who cared. 

Realized it doesn't take thousands of aquaintances to make one happy. 

To know your worth. 

This girl was sad. She felt broken. 

But with rain came sunshine, with pain came strength. 

She found herself. She wrote and spoke with those who needed it. 

Realized, everyone needs someone. Everyone needs a voice. 

That girl is me. 

And that girl is here, stronger and better than she ever thought. 

With loss came hope. 

Losing the old you means finding the new you. 

In losing toxicity came finding herself. 

And in the end, that meant everything. 

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