A Girl

This is the story of a girl

Who was naïve and not brave at all.

This girl fell in love,

As many do,

Not even thinking about what love was.

Was it butterflies in your stomach?

Was it smiling at every thought of them?

Was it wanting them to be happy, but only happy with you?

If that was the case, she was madly in love.

She felt nothing but love towards him.

But she felt only loathing towards herself. 

What she thought was love

Ended up being only heartache.


This is the story of a girl

Who thought she was in love with a boy.

This boy was only using her

For power and control, cause that’s all he ever wanted.

To him love was this:

It was not talking to any other male, but he can talk to all the females;

It was not understanding why she couldn’t talk 24/7;

It was making sure she never felt justified.

It wasn’t the “picture perfect” kind of love,

But it is what he felt.

So in a way,

He actually did think he loved her,

But it was only a twisted kind of love he had.


This is the story of a girl

Who thought she had all she ever wanted.

She thought that everything was out of love,

Not manipulation and control.

At first, it didn’t matter what he did

As long as in the end he made her happy.

He said he loved her,

He held her like he did, too.

Some of his actions were a little questionable,

But he was only human.

Never did she doubt his love,

But his motives she did,

But she decided she shouldn’t bring those doubts up.


This is the story of a girl

Who finally realized that this was abuse.

Love didn’t do this kind of stuff.

Forcing someone to do something

Is not doing something out of love.

Making someone feel bad for their words

Is not how love works.

She shouldn’t feel the need to not say a word

Just so she doesn’t upset him with her thoughts and feelings.

He is never in the wrong in this relationship,

Only she is.

If he really loved her,

He should never make her hate herself.


This is the story of a girl

Who finally found love from God.

She learned of a greater purpose waiting for her.

No longer did she need to fear any abusive human boy;

She had the love of Christ inside her.

His love is the true definition of love:

Constantly forgiving of wrongs;

Unfailing no matter how much we fail Him;

Lets us know we are worthy of true love.

The girl rid of the boy she thought she loved,

And she found it easier than what she imagined.

Few tears roll as she lets him go,

But now she knows what true love is. 

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