The Girl

She's in the corner with a smile in her eyes

Little do people know, it’s a fake try


She wears it everyday, along with her makeup and perfume

But nobody seems to know what goes on in her room


She cries sorrow into her pillows, she cuts herself

Some nights she might even starve herself


She’s depressed and that’s a shame

She consumes most of her time thinking about her left timeframe


A perfect portrait she paints, all in red

Because blue is not what society wants, it’s red instead


Yes, she was flawed and she knew

She didn't realize, but society wasn't near perfection too


Abundance of years passed before her eyes

Until she realized that she's not worth the many tries


The tries of fitting in to society’s wishes to acquire some type of belonging 

Defeated, every time she attempts fulfilling her genuine longing 


Oh think about her future, was such a promising one

Instantly disappearing with the trigger of a wicked gun


That was two years ago today

Sadly, society still hasn't seemed to learn the way 


And allow for everyone to be unique

Don’t be too unrelenting and harsh to critique 


Change the world, starting this very day

Maybe we can all love one another, with our differences along the way


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Our world
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