A Girl

A girl falls inlove with what she hears, 

is it true she fell in love using her ears

A girl, a simply caring young girl,want nothing but to matter in this pretty big world,

she can be broken in the matter of minutes, drop some tears,

get back up and smile like she has no fears

A girl, so silent which is her loudest cry, its hard for to even say good-by 

A girl, fought for everything he wanted and lost everything she needed

lost in mind, drounding in her thoughts, feeling lost, having no hope 

A girl, thinking it was over when the games were just beginning,

playing mind games, didnt even know she wasnt even winning

A girl, a broken girl, with no fight left,

lost in mind, trying to find the half of her heart that you took 

turned your back didnt even bother to look back 

Left her crying and broken with scares she just opened


This poem is about: 
Our world


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