That Girl...

My intellectuality is higher than it's ever been.. 
They say I can only push myself so far until I get tired
But when I get tired I keep pushing
I push for all the young girls that cry themselves to sleep
I push for the poor adolescent girls that are being forced to handle grown up responsibilities 
You are so much more than short skirts and crop tops and little boys using you as a sex toy
Keep your pride high girl don't let anyone see you down
See I had to learn the hard way that when you're down the only thing people are concerned about is stealing your crown
All the poor unfortunate souls crying out for help parents no longer care so they're forced to do it by themselves.
I respect your hustle girl I admire your strength 
You keep your head held high and your enemies below
Struggling to be successful in this cruel twisted world
I understand baby cause I've always been that girl...


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