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Why get insulted if I call you a girl?
It's something that you should embrace
With a flip of the hair, and a feminine twirl
That girl inside is what we all experience
Even the very masculine
Your sex has no variance
To some, it means immaturity
Or just being a wuss
Realistically, it's purity
We feel every emotion to the bone
We are sensitive and fragile
Within our hearts, our souls are sewn
Adventurous believers we are
We were made to please? You better think again,
we are natural born stars
The actuality is sex slaves, toys,
ash-trays, trash cans, and prizes
To the world we are whores and bitches,
no matter what shapes or sizes
If we speak up, rocks get thrown at us
and if we're not a skinny thing of beauty
we get viewed in disgust
We get circumsized for ignorant beliefs
Mentally and physically raped
Never do we feel a relief
We wear short skirts for self expression
Not for unwanted attention or harassment
No room for expression, only oppression
Then comes depression
Too blue to try and be happy
Since the majority make us feel crappy
We are the worlds treasure
appreciation is what we crave, yet
we get disrespect just for short pleasure

Girls, girls, girls
Need to stand up for your rights
Wake up from your nightmare
Build your courage and fight
Pick yourself up, rise from the ground
Awaken the girl inside yourself
Once she is found,
Sing your favorite song loud
Let the world surround your sound
Dance til your ankles collapse
Dye your hair purple
Explore the planet on a boat with crazy maps
Attend your dream school
May spontaneousness and knowledge consume you
Let it be your fuel
You can be who you want to be
do what you want to do
Don't let anyone control you
Be brave, be intelligent, and be AMAZING


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