That Girl

Hey, did you see that girl today?

You know the one I’m talking about.

What was she wearing this time?

Did she try to talk to you?


What did you say?

What made you say that?

So your friends were around?

Did she say anything back?

Or did she walk away?


She’s so weird

She’s such a freaking retard

You know what I mean?

No. You don’t.


Because she is beautiful,

She is everything you wish you could be and more

I wish you would stop being so mean

I like her, and I don’t care what anyone thinks


You were just making fun of her?

You were just messing with her?

You were just having fun?

Well she wasn’t

And neither am I


So she’s different

 I think that’s remarkable

I want to be around her

I want to feel close to her


And maybe you don’t,

But that’s okay

You’re still my friend

And so is she


I need to go,

But I’ll talk to you later

Because there’s a girl

You know the one I’m talking about.

Did you see that girl today?


Yeah me neither,

Because she didn’t feel like she was worth anything

And didn’t want to wake up today


She really admires you

She looks up to you, you know?

She wants to be around you

She wants to feel close to you


And she has a good reason to,

Because you’re amazing,

You’re a sweetheart,

And you’re funny, and you’re beautiful,

But you’re no better than anybody else,


And neither am I,

And neither is she,

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be here

I like having her around

I miss her


Maybe you would rather make fun of her,

And talk about her behind her back,

But I would rather talk to her,

Because she’s interesting

And all she needs is somebody to listen


So are you coming with me?

No? You’re busy? Oh okay.

I’ll tell her you’ll come next time

Please don’t let her down

Please don’t let me down


Although, there might not be a next time,

So I’ll tell that girl you care


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