for the gift wrap goes in the trash

race isnt an accident or choice.

no, i did not go to home depot, compare colors, and pick out the best shade of brown for my body.

ensurance wont cover it nor can i go to the apple store to purchace a new skin. i can buy a blaanket, and a long sweater to cover my pigment and hang on to my pride. but  at the end of a long exausting day, when i take my unwanted journey to the reflection staring back at me over the sink, to unmask my idenity,  i peel and peel away, to the idenity that lives beneath, the one which i was born the one which God used his hands to cook up and create, one of a kind. But as a woman, one of a kind is not what is taught as wanted so I stare into my doors to my soul and see pools of regret, rivers of being ashamed, seas of fear.

for as a woman, staring into a reflection of guilt and feeling ashamed is just the morning ritual.

its just the average walk, its just the blink of an eye

why are we so consumed with the reflection of the mirror staring back at us why are we so consumed with the medias cut throat words and photoshopped ideas of beautiful we are told to stop eating to become beautiful so our collardbones can peek through our skin but when we are constantly swallowing the obscured legs, the photoshopped stomachs, the transformed arms and skin.

the mirrors should come with a warning sing

they should come with a sign, saying "warning, objects in mirror are not as what seems" they should reflect the beauty that is beyond skin deep ffor when you rip, the gift wrap off the present, the most important part is not how pretty the gift wrap is, its what is inside, its the principle, its the throught.

for each of us, will never be just beautiful, we will never be meerly beautiful. we are a gift wrapped in unique, gorgeous, fear. 



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