The Gift SIDS Took

Eyes of grey crystal,
A smile with such beauty rubies are ashamed,
Face, carved from marble like and angel's.
A love greater than the Sun,
Bigger than the universe.
With purity only possessed by the untainted soul.
The sister who became my world, Natasha.

One cold, cruel night the masked curse crept in with out us knowing. 
The eyes closed,
The smile faded, a tumbled wall,
Face white, empty, ghostly.
Her heart stopped, mine half way there.
Black blocks the sun, universe stolen.
My world gone, taken away by S.I.D.S.
Everyone cries, thinking I don't understand because my eyes are dry, I implode,
Bubbling over, let loose at night.
The greatest gift abducted,
Never given back.



I wrote this years ago. It has been posted on deviantart and in a newspaper

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