The Gift of Friendship

As I sit here looking back on life,

From beginning to the end,

I realize that the best of times

Are the ones I spend with friends.


The love these friends have given me,

Words cannot even express,

It’s something that only comes

To those who are truly blessed.


Through good times and through bad,

My friends are always there,

With a shoulder to cry on

Or comfort and wisdom to share.


Thinking through the years,

One thing is perfectly clear,

It’s not about material things

But rather the good times friendship brings.


Life throws some ups and downs our way,

In these crazy lives we lead,

But if we make a friend or two,

A sweeter path is guaranteed.


For the love these friends provide,

Is truly special and one of a kind.

It’s something that only comes,

If you’re lucky, once in a lifetime.


Friends are like flowers

In our garden of life.

They brighten our days,

And warm our nights


Friendship is a precious gift

Which everyone deserves.

So take the time to make a friend,

And you’ll see what I’ve observed.


That friends will help to fill a void

And bring you lots of joy.

Your days will be much brighter

And ones you will enjoy.


So when you reach this point in life

And you’re looking back like me,

Will you be happy with the friends you made

And look back on life fondly?


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