A Gift


At a young and confused age She is lost.

Everything She has ever known is gone.

She's on the edge of breaking.

She just doesn't know what to do. 

She tries to find relief.

In a boy,

in a drug,

in anything that will take it all away. 

Because She is hurt, and lost, 

and He found Her,

At Her weakest and most vunerable.

And that's where it all begins.

In a room of heat and darkness,

with rain dripping from the window,

a baby is in her arms is crying with his need.

And with ease she cradles him to sleep.

Although a handful, he saved her life.

A life that would have continued to hurt.

A life that wouldn't be able to have nurture a daughter, and another son.

My Mother's life wasn't ruined, it was saved. 

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