The Gift


"They just don't know."

I thought to myself,

"They just don't understand it."

"If only they knew

that there are few

who have this gift and cherish it."

Many see school as quite a bore.

Some task, a requirement,

just another pointless chore.

But far way in other places,

you will see tired and lonely faces.

The faces of children who are far too poor

to afford that thing you kids call a bore.

Education is what they want,

education is what they need.

But kids here are oblivious,

blinded by their ignorance and greed.

That boy sleeping in Algebra class?

He could care less if he will fail or pass.

That girl texting in History?

Apparently her boyfriend is more important than Robert E. Lee. 

That boy who wants to read and write?

He's too busy finding shelter for the night.

That young girl who likes biology?

She can't study it and she has no family.

If we all would just take a step back

and realize this:

That we all are blessed to have this gift.

And maybe one day, those of us who have been taught,

can go to those places and help those who have not. 


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