Ghetto Princess


Ghetto Princess.

That’s what you are.

Dull, broken, Crown.

Yours don’t shine like the stars.

Thats cause in your kingdom, ain’t no princesses allowed.

No, in your kingdom you have to be hard and heartless

Feared and fearless.

You ain’t got time for balls and Princes


Because “Your Highness” you have an Image to uphold,

A reputation to protect.

And there’s no way you can maintain without RESPECT.

Because lets be real if you’re not respected, you’re gonna get rejected

And its simple as that.

But its no longer something that you earn,

Its something you FIGHT to get.

‘Cause even though you know that you are natural born royalty, the rest of the world hadn’t seen it yet.

So while you never really “Started from the Bottom”

It doesn’t matter anymore because you’re here.


You top notch.

In the top Spot.

And because you fought tooth and nail to get it, there’s nothing, or no one that could ever make you DROP YOUR SPOT.

Ghetto Princess.

Yeah, thats you.

You put on this facade for your no-so-loyal subjects

And whenever you walk in a room you become the main subject.

But ghetto Princess,  they don’t know.

No, they don’t know  the trouble you’ve seen.

They don’t know the people you’ve lost

They don’t know the fights you fought

and they don’t know what your story means.

And yet they judge you silently to themselves

And claim to be a real friend in front everyone else

But you Not stupid.

You already know how this goes.

They just trying to get close to you so they can take your throne.

So you cut a few off. Reduce your circle to a dot. Just 5 real people

Who ain’t desperate for a spot.

Now the only thing missing is a dude to call yours.

But you do have standards.

ain’t got time for no little boys.

So when you meet your male equivalent you don’t question the love

And so what he’s a little bit older,

that just means he’s better at what he does.

But to him you just a youngin’ and the love ain’t there.

But he saw your affection and took advantage of your care...

And other things.

But when he left you for another,

Got you thinking that You was “home”

You weren’t prepared for that.

A few missed visits from mother nature was also something you weren’t prepared for.

but by failing to prepare, you prepared to fail,

At least that’s what the teachers used to say.

and to think that the day you finally reciprocated the saying

You would’ve done so in the worst way.

and to think when the old folk used to say

“Don’t be silly, wrap that willy”

It would’ve one day applied to you.

Cuz now sitting here in this small small stall,

You thinking real real hard about what you supposed to do

Now that you’re here.



Ghetto Princess you are 14, 15, 16, 17 and pregnant.

This was not one of your many aspirations when you were

9, 10, and 11.

But you here.


Now doing a re-evaluation of yourself

And simultaneously asking God “Why?”

“Why did I deserve?!”

And for the next 9 months of your life

You cry

And you deny

And you cry

And you deny.

Then you accept.

Accept that you’re here.

Accept that now you know just as much or more than the average woman about this life.

Accept the fact that your whole life has changed.

Accept the fact that you’re no longer fighting for respect

You fighting for something,

SOMEONE bigger than you.

accept the fact that you are about to be a parent

And that whatever label,

Whatever stereotype,

Whatever statistic,

Whatever prejudgement that you were identified as

Doesn’t matter anymore because the Life inside of you is bigger than All of that.

So now when people who once looked at you and wished they could be you

Look at you as if your life is over,

I’m here to tell you that Everyday is a new Beginning,

Which means its not.

I’m here to just inform you that although your situation is less than ideal,

Although People who don’t know you

Look at you with judgement in their eyes,

Although you may be here alone,

There is someone in this world who sees you

Who cares about you,

and who Salutes you.

That’s me.

And Yes, I said I Salute you.

Because yes, the circumstances are not ideal

But look at what you’re doing Ghetto Princess.

You are raising a child.

That means there is more strength in you

Than there is in the 1 million teenage fathers in this country

Who have children and refuse to raise them.

So I guess I had it wrong this whole time.

‘Cause a princess would’ve given up by now.

You fought

You lost

You won

And you overcame.

So come out them Cinderella slippers,

Take off your crown.

Shed that dress,

Leave it on the ground.

Take your baby

Hold your head up high,

Show the world the uniform that you always kept inside.

Camo Pants

Combat Boots

Underneath that dress was this suit.

‘Cause no Princess could ever be as strong as you.

You are something Better and this is true.

In this Army of Life you are a Soldier.

And everyday, a Soldier lives in you.

So from this day forth I refuse to ever again refer to you as a Ghetto Princess.



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