Ghetto Gospel #1

Tue, 03/04/2014 - 23:03 -- Anubis


Churches on every street,  Disciples on every corner
Used needles and blue baggies litter the streets like dirty snow and rain water
Back in the day I had a cousin named Georgia 
She was a good kid so I tried to warn her
About the dangers of the streets
And I really thought she listened 
But I could tell that something was amiss
Because you see she was a good kid in a mad city
And she was one of the smart ones so she always asked, what was wrong with me?,
Because she wanted to escape, she wanted to get out
But every time she tried to glide away on her wings made out of her hopes and dreams
Her father would beat her back into the house 
Smelling like he had just been doused with bourbon and whiskey 
And with each step into the house
A drop of sanity left her as the blood trickled from the corners of her mouth
As she cried tears of broken misery, while the crimson drops created a pool of distant memories
And as her vision began to blur, and her mind began to fade
She thought that this was the end of her days
But the very next day, she found her saving grace
She found it as she walked passed a man cloaked in black hoodie, who wore the shadows  of the alley like an Italian suit
And when she passed him, he spoke to her
He told her that, he has the power to help her escape this mad city for hours 
Not knowing what else to do, not knowing who else to turn to 
She asked him, what she had to do
He replied take this bag and put it in her hand 
Telling her that once she opens the bag she'll understand 
So she complied with the man of mystery 
Who gave her the power to escape her infinite misery 
And after she finished her history she opened the  paper bag
Only to find weapons of mass destruction 
The same ones that had caused her family's first reconstruction
Which was incited by the excellent instruction
Of the course called, Mom's Introduction to Drugs
First she became best friends with Mary Jane
Learned from Professor X
Skimmed through miles of lines with a white girl 
But the semester ended when she got smacked by smack 
And she passed the final but she wasn't asked to comeback 
But at that point Georgia didn't even care about all that past crap 
Because now she felt her soul was a twig that was about to be snapped back like a snapback
So she sat down on her bad and got strapped, Up with a rubber band 
Just like her mom had 
And as she felt the pinch of the needle 
The fluid flowed through her veins 
Her body began to heat up and she started to forget her name
Then her body began to jerk and convulse 
As her body began to lose its pulse
She clung to the cross on her neck and heard the voice of God
As she tried to cling on to her one last image of hope
But then she fell, she fell into the sea of flames that was her overdose 
Then she began to wish that she had clung to her holy beliefs and convictions
Because if she had then maybe she could've stopped her own ghetto crucifixion 


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