Gettin' Up Baby


United States

Gettin' me down,
hunger, you're 
just gettin' me down.
Gnawin' like tomorrow's
got something important 
to do.
What the hell,
have my stomach, too.
Just gettin' me down.

Gettin' me down,
always gettin' me down.
Tossin' 'round like I'm
the hot potato 
nobody wants to hold.
Always gettin' me down.

Gettin' me down,
you know this is
just gettin' me down,
always gettin' me down.
But baby,
you got somethin' keep on
gettin' me up.
Gettin' me up up up,
baby, like we got things to do,
like you wanna hold me.

we got somethin' special here, 
Stompin' our feet tonight 
like we gettin' on down
so we can be gettin' on up.
Baby, baby, babydoll,
you just keep on gettin' me up.

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