Get well soon

Get well soon

Looking at your face breaks my heart into uncountable pieces
As the memories of your bright face flash to my head
Notwithstanding your chuckles and smiles that makes me happy
Endless teases that makes me forget my bad days

Wake up strong dear
For I'm waiting for your recovery
I can't wait to hold you again in my arms
Giving you warm hugs to make u feel safe for you are not alone

Sitting next to you on your sick bed make my eyes wet
For I remember how strong you were
Where has that strength gone?
For I wish I could find them and things go back to normal

Your weak eyes interpret how helpless you are
For I know you are trying your best to fight it
And I'm here to support you too
For we are in this together

I'm waiting for you at our playground
For I know you will come out victorious
Anticipating on our next adventious trip
For I know how lively and fun you are to be with


Vidal oluwakemi

Missing your friend and sad to see them in a weak state

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