Get tested!!

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Get tested!

She likes his swag, he likes her ass; she's loving his style, while he's loving her smile. They begin to feel and love one another; like there is no other. They begin to make love; but what she should have said first is, "no glove, no love". She thinks that this love will be endlessly; but what she don't know is that she is dying slowly. She is starting to get sick, he no longer shows her love; now she is thinking back, she should have said, "no glove, no love". Now she is worried, scared, and can't rest; she is now afraid to take a HIV test. What she don't know is that she will never rest; until she take and get the results of that HIV test. Get tested!

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Very nice heart touching story. I feel like crying. It really make my senses open as a teacher. I want to spread this to all the world that HIV & STD Testing teaching should be included in the teaching so that every student could understand the concept of sex education. It blows my head I will definately spread this peom to all my social circles. Thanks

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