Get up, fall down, get up

How did I start my year?

I started it cold and dark. 


Winter, is cold and dark at 430AM

My blades crackle and creek on the ice. 

The Sun makes an appearance as I head to school. 


Spring, at 430 the moon still glows in dark sky.

I push high into the air, rotate, slam! 

The ice is hard and cold. 


Summer, beautiful bright sunrises.

A little more time to sleep in 6:00AM

warmer outside, but the rink still cold. 


Sun high and hot. 

Greatness achieved at National events!

Deafening cheers from raving crowd!


Autumn, sneak peaks of orange sky at 430AM.
Training harder for the world to see. 

A skaters life for me. 


Winter is back 

The sun and I get up. 

I figure skate, I dream, I achieve. 


2016 I became a champion!

Pushing me harder to achieve more.

Champion of Nations Cup 2017 I will be! 

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