Gentrify this, brother

What's in my mind?

I'll take you on a trip

up to manhattan valley, 

where the white people live

I'll take you back to a time that wasn't the best

Back when this block was called the "Upper West"

In the back of an alley

there lies is my father

bloody and bruised from a brawl

how did life get this way?

how could he chose?

fast forward thirty years or so

that same dark alley is a wholefoods

on the streets that used to be littered with needles

fancy cars are parked and people wear loubiton shoes

On the same block where he had a gun held to his head

sits a gourmet bakery with $30 bread

This may seem like a good thing, 

but don't misunderstand

The good people that lived there in years past

were pushed off their land.



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