A Gentleman's View of a Colony and its People

You are the “jewel in the crown”

the axel of a wheel.

You are a house’s foundation

and the steam of an engine.

You are a trustworthy friend

and the backbone of our economy.


However, you are not an advanced civilization,

the scholar in the library,

or our equals.

And you are certainly not intelligent.

There is just no way you are intelligent.


It is possible that you are the waste in a sewer,

maybe even my subservient servant,

but you are not even close

to being the Queen of England.


And a quick look in the mirror will show

that you are neither a distinguished Gentleman

nor a beautiful duchess.


It might interest you to know,

speaking of the plentiful imagery of the world,

that I am your Bible.


I also happen to be your mother and father,

the protagonist in your novel,

and a Messiah for your life.


I am also your master

and your better way of life.

But don’t worry, I am not the “jewel in the crown”,

You are still the “jewel in the crown”.

You will always be the “jewel in the crown”

not to mention the axel and---somehow---the wheel.


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