Genie Grants You Your Wishes!.

Sun, 10/10/2021 - 13:27 -- Wired6

" Oh hello Genie,I'd like you 2  grant me afew wishes."


"Excuse me,and who are you?"


"My name is......Oh,it doesn't matter.

I just want you 2 grant me afew wishes."


"This i can do,but not afew wishes

unless you've paid my receptionist £150 pounds for a few-

For three wishes the price is £90 pounds"


"Really!--I didn't know-I want more than three-

I require five wishes."


"For five the price is £200 pounds."


"£200!-I thought you said for a few is £150 pounds."


"I said £150 for a few,you didn't say you wanted five,you said a few!


"But you said earlier on that a few costs £150 pounds-didn't you?"


"I said from  £150 for a few,and and also i've told you £200 pounds for five."


"I'm abit confused-

I'm abit confused-

Can i go through it again with you?"



"No, we don't have 2 do that-Do you want me 2 grant you your wishes or not?

I'm a busy man!"


"Let me think about it and get back 2 you Genie."


"As you wish-remember, I require full payment first,online."




"Yes. Madam i must go. Just check my website for all information.

I don't have time 2 speak 2 you-I'm a busy man.Goodbye."


(Genie hangs up.)

Fucking woman,wasting my time Genie tells the walls.

The walls in the room,

of the Psychiatric Ward,where he was admitted 2 six months ago.

But that hasn't stopped him from granting wishes 2 people.

He is Genie after all.

He shouldn't have been sectioned anyway,he tells walls.







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