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It’s crazy how things and the times change.

Crazy seeing how Social Media is ruling things.

Kids learn their ways from what they see instead of their parents teaching them what they should be.

For real, for real these kids are getting raise by kids themselves.

Being a teen mom now and days don’t surprise me.

Because no one took the time to tell their daughters that they are unique.

Which led them learning how to act by music videos and what they see on the TV…..

Showing everything they got, meeting a guy, getting knocked up; will have them rethinking that plot.

See I’m not an everyday poet and don’t plan to be.

But there are some things in this generation that upset me:


Twitter is the king or queen of drama and social media attacks; which is whack!

“She said, He said” is the key reason why everyone ends up dead or with a suicide note next to the gun they put to their head.

Tweet this and a tweet that; “she said this….so that’s why I’m going to say that”….Send Tweet.

Sitting by the computer to wait and see….Next thing you know…a twitter beef.

It never ends…It’s a repeating cycle until they fight while someone record it and post it on a famous site.

World Star Hip Hop, you’re familiar right…The website that contains endless fights for your pleasure overnight.

It doesn’t only have fights; it got “ratchet” videos, girls being hoes, and more pointless videos.

Once in a blue moon you’ll see anything motivating or positive just mainly the key ingredient to this societies hate….DRAMA!

(Not tearing the site down just telling the truth)


Now there is no such thing as a fair fight because these kids out here learned how to fight over night.

They go on a website, maybe type “How to Fight?”

And see a group of people around the fight and next thing you know the winner gets jumped.

The cycle will continue until the loser finally wins.

Before; it was one on one; no jump in, then after the fight you guys became best friends.

But now you’ll get jumped win or lose, because society and the internet taught these guys how to be reckless, wild, punkish, fools.

I’m not promoting violence or saying you a punk if you don’t fight.

The fact of the matter is that society feed into violence and makes this generation believe its right.

Leading to more teen deaths, gang killings, pointless beefs, and street fights.

One time won’t hurt to sit down and talk to make things right.

But I know that’s not going to happen overnight because society has this generation stuck on it like a moth to a light.



I don’t know if it’s a trend or going to be a forever thing but this pants saggin’ thing is getting old.

They must not know the story that remains untold.

So I guess it time to educate these boys with the unknown.

Saggin’ came from jail when a man became another man’s “*itch”

Letting the guys know in the yard not to mess with him because he is “taken”.

So when I see these guys saggin’ I laugh because it makes think they getting butt raped!

Also it puts an automatic label on them as “Niggas” because “Saggin’” spelled in reserved is that.

Maybe that would give them something to think on, but I doubt that.

Because we don’t have any leaders any more so they going to follow what they been use to.

Which are rappers, idols, the media, society, and approval of others.

Not knowing “saggin’” has so many meanings and levels.

Because his mom is a single mother, he living without father, so saggin’ might be his only way to show he is a “rebel”


They say “A picture is worth a thousand words”…crazy but true.

This thing called Instagram is the living proof.

Every night and day people post pictures and get likes, follows, and comments.

Then you have that chick that post a half naked “pic” and is cool with the attention for a minute.

Then later gets sick of it because of the negative vibes she getting.

It’s sad that the only way a girl can get called beautiful is if she post a sexual “pic”

Then everyone wants to say “She Bad”, “She Cute” or “She Bae”

So she continues to hide behind make up and a false image day to day.

Making sure her camera angles are right, her body tight, and takes the picture in the perfect light.

She adds a filter here to cover the bumps on her face.

Spending hours fixing “ONE-1!” picture to meet up with the guys taste.

It’s a never ending battle she rather be something she’s not to seek attention or a quick boyfriend.

And later realize that she is broken at the end.

Because her father or family never told her she was beautiful and worth a lot more in the beginning.


This is the time and generation I live in.

It’s like watching a foolish, teenager soap opera that will never end.

Guys want to be “thugs” or the man running the “block”

But can’t even read a book or spell the word “clock”

It’s a sad, sad tragedy because most of this generation got sucked into it.

Knowing they want to have the nice house and have no worries about living.

But since society and media have a leash on this generation like dogs.

They have no escape route to get where they want to belong.

So I guess the book closes and leave this generation hopeless.

Remaining the question to the new generation: “Will they have a future?”

At this rate, it hard to say, but “I don’t know….”

Unless someone open the book that remains closed.

And start a new story that give these young kids out here some shade of hope.

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