our generation lacks simple communication 

we don't speak to each other like we're supposed to 

we can't tell each other what matters because feelings are so fragile 

what do we do 

when feelings start to come and enclose a few 

and now they're bottled up , creating a monster 

a flood with no stopper 


what do we do 

when we miss out on something wonderful 

attempting to remain prideful  

there's no one at fault 

now you're locked up like a vault 

things could've been so much simpler 

telling the truth would've been easier

now you killed two birds with one stone 

knowing you miss what you used to call home 


what do we do 

when our emotions swarm our hearts 

it could've been avoided from the start 

we don't know how to be honest 

yet we act so modest 

like we know who we're supposed to be 

but our pain is something that cannot be seen 

it's time to speak 

before our words become bleak 

This poem is about: 
My community


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