Gears of Mind

Elusive answers

Ponder questions

Get your gears

on a drive.

How rattle you become

Feeling at times, 

Like a hamster on a wheel

faster, faster, Faster, FASTER!

Just to keep that drive.


get your ideas going

Emotions flowing

Your focus heighten


blow for blow

Till you crack

something breaks

Fall off the wheel



Feels like stumbling

Then you fall

under pressure

of the world, 

of yourself,

You push extremes 

Into a rut.

You reject you

Your conscience condemns



you doubt

you fear 

you cry 

Thoughts tainted,

Ideas seem broken,

then forsaken.


towards even dying


gears can start turning

creak, creak, creak

slower now 

they turn

lifting up 

from the world,

hold steady 

of the pressure.

Back on the wheel

the hamster goes

Questions find answers.

Ideas are revived

Emotions upturn

Push back my darkness,

My darkest dreams

Until the drive

pushes extremes,

Once more

The gears of which are

my mind. 


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