The Gayest Mermaid

You know the story of the fish with the red hair

And whenever you think of the bad guy, you think purple tenticles. 

But what if you're wrong, what if she wasn't just a thick crazy bitch?


A long time ago, back before look at this stuff, isn't it neat, 

Athena, the most bangin mermaid in Atlantis, was loved by all

But had fallen for two: the one in line for the crown, 


And one exhiled for her more excentric practices. 

The smell of the potions mixed with the sparks of passion, 

And a forbidden feeling wrapped its tenticles around Athena


When the wedding bells rang, Ursula's heart broke into a million pieces,

Her potions reeking of revenge, only to be met with the mending words

"I'm happy" spoken from the most beloved lips in all the kingdom. 

Hatred resigned, fury depleted, forgiveness on the rise.




The whole kingdom cried as peg legs and eye patches took away

Beloved, exhaulted, Queen Athena;

One voice to scream in agony above all of them. 


Twelve years later, the same red hair, the same green tail...

The same beautiful smile.

Potions were made, promises were given, all to punish Triton

No protection for Athena, no protection for his daughter.

Ultimate power against Triton, revenge against the sea that killed Athena.

Mindless. Anger. Nothing. But. Anger.


Whent the dark started closing in, Ursula could see

Red hair, green tail, beautiful smile

Moving father and father away. 





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