My emotions are tangled,
 In knots I can not explain.
 The feelings for her which I nurture,
 Are looked down on in great disdain.

 In this world I have endured labels,
 As being 'An abominable disgrace'
, All because of whom I choose to love-
 Our Union, Society has debased.
I have rejected your teachings,
 Love is my religion,
 It shows no hate, cast no judgments,
 Inflicts no pain, but can unite a region.
Society has been the court,
Which judges me harshly,
 For a love that I give,
 So unconditional and freely.

 The church is the jury,
 Which analyzes the evidence,
 With biblical circumspection,
 I'm fined heavily...that's my recompense.

 With 'their' god as the judge,
 I stand Not even a chance,
 'Eternal Damnation!' He shouts,
 The earth shakes with his stance.
In our over 200 yrs of slavery,
 What have we really learnt?
 We regress in our growth,
 Our spirit of unity, love and brotherhood is burnt...
 Unity, Love and Brotherhood has no religion,
 It cleaves to no one gender,
 It affiliates to no one race.
 But would thrive in our hearts if we would only surrender...

 But No!

You single me out as being different,
 From you and those around me,
 Just because I see love,
 Beyond the perimeters that the rest see....
You paint love in Black and white,
 Staining it with your forced perceptions!
 But my rainbow promises hope,
 And freedom from your selfish restrictions.

 You hate me because I'm open,
 I don't hide what for her I feel.
 You envy my smile of satisfaction,
 And cringe at our entwined hearts of steel...

 You curse my happiness,
 Because you haven't found yours.
 The same barriers you've established,
 Confine your spirits each time it soars....

But my perseverance has wings,
 And like an eagle it takes flight.
 Flying above your ridicule and taunts,
 As I go higher, you all disappear...Out of sight.....

 With a box of Crayola I color my world Gay,
 Pink clouds, blue sun, purple trees,
 I shatter your obnoxious norms,
 In my dimension nothing you know is as it seems.
I seek to build a world,
 Where all races live as one,
 Religion would be ousted,
 Ending much contention.

 I thrive to construct a world,
 Where love isn't given 'A' face.
 Instead its roots run wild,
No affiliation to gender, religion or race...

 A world where peace runs like a river,
 And 'fishes' make their home therein.
 A world where bliss roams like the breeze,
 Sending kisses on its daily spin.

 But my world seems like just a dream,
 A fairy tale place that only Disney sees,
 And so ends a distant tale to a child,
 By a Grandma tucking her under sheets...

 "Over the Rainbow lies a land,
 Where 'Love' is King, 'Diversity' its queen,
Together they rule their Kingdom with ‘Pride,
 And Happily-ever-after is for real."



Beautifully written. 


thank you very very much :)

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