I am gay,

I am proud,

I am gay,

I will yell it loud.



I have question,

A question for you,

Do you have a confession?


Are you gay?

Are you bi?

Are you into girls?

Or into guys?


There are many more,

Thngs you could like,

Like pansexual,

There are people that are alike.


You choose,

You are you,

You choose,


What do you want to do?


This poem is about: 
Our world




If you are asking the question,

"Are you really gay or was that just a poem?"

Well gues what,

I am gay.

I am proud to tell everyone in the world if I could.

There is nothing wrong with being gay, pans, bi, or trans.

Be you and only you.

Do what you want.

And guys,

One last thing.

If you are a fello student.

Then do me a favor.

Ask your principal to make a club for extra periods or breaks,

where all these type of people can go to express and find others like them.

I want you all to name it, "proud to be me" or "proud to be gay" club.

Thank you all for listening! Please sont forget what I said and try to help.

Love yall my fello readers and poets.

Will update soon.




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