Make me a seashell, Gav

Make it pretty

With ribbons of color

And little porcelain ridges

And the sounds of the ocean

Echoing through my mind

Every time I hold it

Make me a rainbow, Gav

Make it tall

And wide

Make it with only the faintest, shimmering


And give it every color except for red

Make me a crown, Gav

Make it sweet and small

Out of little white daisies

Threaded together,

Picked from the field you wander in

Make me a shelter, Gav

Make it warm

Somewhere I can sleep

Somewhere I can hide

Chisel it out of rock and

Leave it full of good memories

Make me a wish, Gav

Make it happy

Dream it up from the rivers in your mind

And keep it light to your dark

Make it the sweetest idea you have ever had

Make a wish, Gav


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