Gave It Up

Sat, 04/13/2013 - 16:09 -- darbysr


United States
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Young and Mindless I had it all figured out
I had all the control. Had a ride, a job, a man
But that wasn't part of my plan.

School came third, I thought it could wait
While I minded my own fantasies, smelling myself
I didn't guess that I would pay
Pregnant at 19, balancing a job, school, and a hard pregnancy

Sooner than I thought, I had to give school up because I gave it up.
All the pleasures of the fantasies came true.
All control I had was now lost
Nowhere to be found.
Reality of the matter is that now I'm a mom.

Being Pro-Life, and lonely as hell,
No mother or father seems like no one cared
I made a family, my baby and my man
But school was no longer third, it was out of my hands

Out of reach, out of grasps, future seem so bleak
Now I swirl in a cyclone of what-if's and maybe's.
I gave it up and when I did
School went along down the drain.
But the blessing of the matter is my family yet remains.
My son, and now my daughter now look for me to provide and
I can't let them down when I look into their eyes.

No more will I give up, the future is not so bleak.
Now I know better. I can stand on my feet.


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