What is that noise that calls to me in the heat of the night, what is that feeling of a presence that can't be deciphered. Why does my heart sing to the heavens one day, but crash and fall to the pits of hell the other day? Why won't he leave me be? Why does he chain me up only to leave me high and dry to drown in self- pitty and hurt. It may be to late for me. I may be lost, and unharmed from his attacks and comments, but I will fight for my freedom and my life, I will fight and breakdown the cages you have put me in to weaken my drive and hunger. I will defeat you gatekeeper. The one who stands in my way of life and joy, and if not today, then soon. Because faith without works is dead, and I will not die here in the graps of my gatekeeper, the one with my key of life.


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