Gary Life Changed You

Sat, 06/18/2016 - 01:11 -- hillay

You and I originate from the same place

Seen the hungry and the poor

Close to touching death's face

I remember as if it was yesterday

Young with bombs ready to explode

Non stop laughter and play

The positivity grew with us together

Along with whoever was around

Man we wanted this time to last forever

Life isn't just milk and honey though

Like Damn

Why do some people have to be so low?

Hatred spreads like a disease

Trouble in the making

You were too sick to appease

Even your heart wore down

As if you were dying inside

Simultaneously I started to frown

No hope but I wanted you to live

You're talking to a person full of optimism

I know it's hard to forgive

Maybe I'm right

Or I could be wrong

For believing in my insight

We looked forward to stepping out the door

I wanted to see the Sun

You wanted it to rain more

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