Gardens (The Setting for a Tragedy)

This shouldn't hurt but

we had to lose December at some point.


Your jagged hips worry your mother, worry me, 

worry me about your mother and

she knows that when you sway

you'll avoid her eyes for the rest of the day.


You were never one to take my advice,

only because you were too busy robbing me of

my simplicity, 

my sanity,

my happiness.

You can't kiss someone like that and not love them

but I'm the girl who couldn't keep you in the first place so

kiss me, keep me, love me -

it won't really matter when I lose my shine again.


We can do this.


You look like hell but beautiful on the verge of death

and maybe if I loved you a little more 

all the ghosts that have been rooting for us will

take away your sadness.


They told me to try harder but 

I can barely deal with my own pain and you

never even deserved yours.

It's really not fair that you're so sad 

because your smile is the reason flowers grow and

I swear our souls knew each other quite some time ago.



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