The Gardener

The Gardener

Not waking up naturally in the morning. It’s a force that obliges me to wake up.

It’s the neighbors gardener, why is he here so early?

The sound of the lawn mower scares my sleep away.

“Great,” I think as I roll out of bed unwillingly, realizing that “sleeping in” is not happening.

Suddenly, there is an unexplainable change in my mind. “I want to go exercise.” I no longer “hate” the time of day.

Coming back from my run, I think “Everything is awesome!”

Could it be the endorphins changing my view on this particular morning, because I no longer hate the neighbor’s gardener either?

Being woken up early was awesome.

Running was awesome.

Producing endorphins was awesome.

My neighbor’s gardener is now awesome too.

Now others can see through me how awesome early mornings can be, even without coffee. 

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