The Gardener


United States
36° 15' 41.6592" N, 120° 26' 8.7468" W

deliberate scoundrel forcing his trowel to sever the roots
prejudice is given to the perceived inferior
round up the unwanted ones
Star Thistle, African Violet, Chinese Lantern
herbaceous genocide
he has a master plan for his arboretum

evolution from the past developed strong roots
He is the one with the plan
once the gardener met his fate, nature flourished
winds liberated the seeds
decimation of a species was outlawed
He is the one with the master plan



Truly indicative of our situation here on earth. I feel that the divine power is the gardener himself, there to decide who stays and who goes, and the fate for everyone. My interpretation of a wonderful poem!


Thank you. I actually wrote this when I was 10 and decided to post it and see what people said.


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