Garden In Heaven


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Angwan Hausawa Tudun Wada Jos,Plateau State Nigeria I'm an upcoming writer hail from Jos, Plateau State Plateau State Nigeria. I'm a 500 level student nurse from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria. I love reading, writing, watching movies or listening to great music.

Garden In Heaven
Was hoping for some miracles
As i look the road to heaven
Gates of heaven leads me to you
Your propitious flower and trees
Chose to bring its satisfying idylls
And bless my happy hearted soul
Your gorgeous smile entices me
With the comfort to hold you close
Your soft timbre send passionate
Interlude at every turns
Tantalizing me at your beck and call
Baby you are the place of love
You my lost found muse
I've waited for so long
To a place where my
Heart would lead me
Love is not even close
To the things I feel
Oh little angel
Heaven is in your eyes
With gardens devoid of thorns
And immaculate skin fragile to touch
Promising in its mystical divinity
I'm bless to house your home
Family friends love you
Sleep well beautiful
Through protective arms of love
Your dreams are about to start
With my enthralling lullaby
The stars will gaze and
Guide your beautiful sleep
I'll take you to the city of poets
To learn our beautiful ways
Sleep well my miracle worker
And grow well my fairytale princess
©Nature Boy

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My family


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