Garden of Eden



Let me take y’all back

Back in time

Somewhere between the nights

Somewhere without the lights

Where you were the only person in my life

That can make this thing we call lust feel so right

I isolate you from my thoughts because the

Images of you

Are now buried in my head

You were the only one that was on my mind

The only one I knew that could……

Break my bed

I loved everything about you

The way you walked, the way you talked

Attracted me in ways you can never understand, by

The way your hips move when you got dressed

Or the way you moan when I caress

All are things that gave me that erection

For some sexual affection

I want to give you that 5 point thrust

And I’m not talking about DST

Or just take out the S & the T

You know what that leaves……

I let your body control my mind

And let your smile draw the line

The line between love & lust

It’s a dangerous thing to trust

I’m in need of your affection, so

Tell me how you feel when I’m not there

Or better yet tell me how you feel

When I’m not inside of you

I know even without being next to you

I can still move you in ways

You can only dream, but

I’m just gonna go with the flow

And the flow is as soft as your skin & sweet as your lips

Touching every part of your body is a sin

Just wanting to take one more dip…..into you

But in the end you are the one I commend

See I gave you my trust & that was all I had

You took that and ran

Now like a crack addict I want it back

And I need it bad

I used to tell you that whenever you’re

In the mood for empathy

Just call me, I can speak some deep

Words not even most men dick can go

Now I’m just lost in the ocean of you

Trying to find when to pull out

When to let go

The way she carries herself is so graceful

Just look at her

Gorgeous, petite, & tasteful

And no I’m not sharing

But to you sharing was caring

For the next brother that called you

Karen or Sharon, You get it?

I’ll let her run around & make memories

As long as she comes back to me at night

It’s sad that you don’t think I belong to you

Just too busy to call me

When you out doing you

Or maybe there was someone else

Out there doing… you

I wanna make you feel like you’re mine

And no one else’s

But you wear this mask of pain

I can see it in your eyes

I can see it through your soul

Even though you will never see what I see

I know exactly who you can be

So just hold on to me for the night

Walk your frozen heart through that the door

And take off that mask

Wipe that make up off of your pretty face

Have a seat & get in the zone

I can make you feel like Heaven is

On Earth & I’m here to save you

Like Kanye said

When a real man hold you down

You’re supposed to drown

So let’s drown together

But this fruit tree is dead & decayed

Because of you

It is now deceitful but yet it tastes so good

So I’ll bite it too just to love you

We can be deceitful lovers together

And you can go love another

Because you might feel that nothing was the same

But this loving always will be

I will be making love to her

Through you



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