I’m a goddess 

In a garden of dead roses 


Don’t speak to loud 

They hate when I expose its

True identity 

Idolizing my failures

You can’t live in a world 

That’s not meant to be 

But yet I’m stuck here 

Slowly loosing myself in the mist

Off these clouds

Am I really here?

Or is this the true meaning of insanity 

Chasing the same dream 

Of a man that’s not meant for me 

But he’s the man to be 

I’m holding on to a story that’s no longer mine 


Someone Save me 

Some times I run for so long I forget to catch my breath 

I grasp on to everything that doesn’t need to be kept 

Buh I don’t want to let go of 

Leaving behind all the trash 

Except you 

Some how I still found the sun 

After the storm you put me through 

Who would’ve knew 


Some how the same thing that hurts me 

Is the thing that comforts me most

I hate to see the truth so I keep my eyes closed 

The same thing that’s silent

Is the same thing that spoke

So how bout you just love me 

You know what

 your incapable of love

So How bout you just hold me 

Touch me 

So I could find some kind of serenity 

So I can learn that what I wanted 

Is what wasn’t meant to be 

And since you wanna be a hero so bad 

I was the damsel in distress that needed saving 

You left me in the middle of the storm 

So u can chase your cravings

I ... wanted to be the one that you craved 

The one you gaze off into the moonlight 

Dream about for days

The one you’d give your all to 

But i wasn’t worthy enough for that 


And despite all the love i gave 

I wasn’t even worth fighting for 

You didn’t look at me like i deserved more

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