The gaping hole

I miss them
Every day I see something that reminds me of them
see them everywhere
I wake up in the morning
And drag myself out of bed
They left to soon
They took a part of me
I try to stay composed
For the sake of having no questions asked
I try to force a smile
Some days it feels like I am smiling
When really I have more of a frown on my face
They haunt me
The memories
The voices
The ghosts
Of the past and those who have passed on
I dream at night and I see them
When I go to touch them they disappear and I wake up
I stand still when I see them
In hopes that it is real
But then I finally have to move somehow
They disappear
I feel it there
The gaping hole that they left there
Each one took a piece
Some bigger than others
If only heaven had visiting hours
I would hug my great grandparents
I would talk to my moms exboyfriend about her
I would meet my grandpa
I would ask my friends why they did it
But unfortunately there is no visiting hours
There is no way to see them unless they show themselves
So for now I will just sit and wait

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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