Gang related

We have a problem with communication,

when we need a leader their mouths take vacations, leaving their mouths eerily vacant.


We break silence, with violence.

When we cross lines between just bleeding, and the bloods,

and put all our faith in these fake thugs.


What are we doing?

When fathers and husbands become these aggressive abusers,

and innocence dies in little boys who become trigger happy shooters.


The straining pot, not melting,

the person who picks “we the people” contradicts himself, he isn’t helping.


We’re on an endless way down, perpetual dropping,

when consequence is nonexistent, why would criminals start stopping?

Cops take out unarmed black men more often than white women go shopping.


I guess that badge so bright, badly blinds narcissists,

from their pile of carcusses.

Media bubbles bind everything, whitewashing the definition of even what an artist is.

I promise you these drug dealers just got a new name, we call them pharmacists.

The system shakes even the hardest Democrips and Rebloodicans, like parkinson's.


Who the hell keeps telling you illegals are our problem?

Last time I checked these new immigrants took these jobs because you didn’t want them.


That was beneath you right?

Still not ashamed you don’t walk these streets with caution.

When white supremacy doesn’t even give minorities that option.


Here we are worried about socialism, quickly trading away democracy.

Leaning way back over the scale ushering in complete totalitarian autocracy.


Power isn’t with our people, it’s with whose ever’s pockets are deep,

until we the people become the people, we remain these wolves’ nightly sheep.


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