The knight in shining armor.

Th almighty hero of time.

The titles that stick

to the ones who are sublime.


To leave this world

and be the hero

or the villian.

To no longer be me.


You enter a realm

where you become someone more.

Whether building a house in an entire block land,

or leaving your house on a journey at age ten.


Fighting evil fire breathing turtles

or in a space suit that morphs into a ball,

these are the escapes

that reality won't bring.


Even tragic events like Subject 16

still makes for a story

that I rather be apart of,

because at least I see my role.


There is a path you take,

a story to tell,

and if you mess up,

that reset button is swell.


It is my little get away,

my home away from home.

To escape reality

an be someone known.


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