The Game of War

There is no game as deadly as a war.

Men attack men in ways learned from before.

Strategy is used to fight;

Careful planning over years, weeks, and nights.

War’s akin to playing chess;

Side versus side in great gloomy duress.

The soldiers, they are but pawns—

Dehumanized automatons.

The kings and queens are countries strong;

Bitter with hatred at each other’s wrong.

Players knocked off from the board

Are noble ones slain in the merciless war.

Many die, and soon one stands;

A hapless king burdened with war’s demands.

He surrenders, and at times he dies;

A fallen country become the victor’s prize.

The game is over and it ends;

But who knows when another will begin again?

Thus the cycle of the game called war,

Where men fight their brothers with schemes learned from before.


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