Game Show

People say religion is like a game show
We all choose a door
And in the end we find out who chose right
It’s a gamble, it’s a bet
Every religion hating the other
Every religion thinking they’re the lucky winner
But what if no one is wrong? 
What if every door has the same prize behind it
Just with different names? 
How could it be that only one of us will be right? 
And the rest of us are to burn 
In the others version of hell? 
Every country having different cultures
Different looking people
Different tongues
What if we all worship the same god
Just in different names? 
God, Allah, YHWH, Brahman and so many others
How silly and hateful are we all going to look
Standing in front of God
Christians standing next to Muslims
Hindus standing next to Catholics
All with our eyes to the ground
For all the blood that we’ve shed
Shed because of different names
For all the wars that we’ve waged
Waged because of different names
Or what if it is true? 
That only one chose the right door? 
What a cruel game. 


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