The Game of Education


All in all, you're just a brick in the wall

But without you they all fall.

It's the game of education, more like life, or jenga

you can't just slip out without shaking others

and breaking others.


You're not just a simple brick to the building of education

You're more complex than you could ever know.

You are more than

the color of your hair

the color of your skin

the color of your eyes



You can't do this thing called "education" alone

lean on others and let others lean on you and things will be steady


I'm not saying you won't wobble.

Stand your ground and don't





The ups, the downs, the lefts, the rights, and the twisty turns of school are easy to get caught up in.



Whether the enemy is outside lurking or inside seeking

You can fight through it

It will be worth it

Be strong

Don't fall

Fight, for your education.




The world of education is a crazy place to be in right now. I just wanted to try and show all the outside or inside school issues that effect so many.

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