The Game Changes You

Mon, 06/26/2017 - 08:24 -- ONYM

Yesterday I got paid for wearin' a tie. Haters walking in my shoes got the wrong size. Now far away a change of pace what a huge surprise. I pray we stay safe, outta jail and don't die. These players vicious, everyone a victim. I need another minute to fit in within the system. We all living for the moment but the moments what we missin'. You can sling your sacks, dont get attacked, by tweakers on a mission. If you know where you are trappin' what's that map for? Hustlers featurin'work like it's the App Store. Playin' the game feelin' like a soldier at war. Always being chased, coming up on the grind - never bored. Puddles all around us, as well as trap pussy. Everyone talkin' shit about ya even when your not guilty. Callin' out all my haters who all swear that they knew me. Always looking out for #1, you'd swear that lifes a movie. I ain't trying to do nobody wrong, I just do what I do. Banging my head on the walls but I can't break through. Why does my heart keep saying fuck it all and my brain does too? Just singing my same old song, doing what I do. Keeping up my reputation, always feels like I am being hated. Users expecting pricing like we handing out donations. Grimey tweaker behavior ain't what I was raised with. Dope slinging. I'm ballin'. Re-up again. I start running from from 5.0 don't want to get hemmed. I'm on day 10. I hit again. Eyes start shakin'. Get stuck, frozen, and then: I become Superman. Can't lock me up anymore though. If I died tonight I'm immortal. But if I live forever just a sideshow. I make a point not to know many people. What is up the way they all tweak? Paranoid thinking their a master thief. Why the fuck did you get that high? You straight trip when you're high, you can't handle your go pro, Say hell no to the dope bro. I can't tell if you ever get sleep. And you don't know all my fears & dreams. I've becoma very bad crowd. None of them be trusted & everyone is foul. Picking myself up cus I got to be over it. Tried turning to God, but I'm being ignored again. Should I pack my stuff time to cutoff all Loose Ends. See what I can become, leave the game and... ...Never look back!?!? If you in it, the game changes you.

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