This game called life

Why do we have to feel pain?

Why do we have to lose? Why do we have scars?Why can we lie? Why can we cheat?Why can we steal?Why can we kill? The reason why is so we can tell a story, A story of grief and a story of glory,Not everyone's story is the same,Some have way worse then others, It's just part of the game,What game you ask?The game called life, This game causes a lot of pain and a lot of strife,This game can bring you to your knees,This game can make you jump higher then the trees,This game is unpredictable and mean,This game can make you feel like you're in a dream,You'll figure out a lot if you learn from your mistakes,One day you'll see it's all about give and take,You'll have people come and go, What's the reason? Fuck if I know.Maybe they were there to teach you a lesson,Maybe there were there to make you see something you couldn't,Maybe they were there to hurt you cause you needed a scar,There's now way of knowing but it will make you who you are. Everyone deals with these things differently,Some people run,Some people stand there ground and fight,Who the fuck is anyone to tell you what's right?You're the one who dictates your life,You're the one that chooses to run or fight, You're the one that chooses to except or deny,You're the one that chooses if you want to fly,Fly above the negativity,Fly above the hate, Look past everyone's differences and everyone's race,If we're all walking our own paths how can I or anyone possibly know how we really feel?The way I handle things many might not agree, But that's ok cause I'm not looking for popularity,I'm trying to find my place in this world, Trying to leave mark,Trying to navigate while traveling in the dark,Traveling in the dark isn't that bad at all, Hey at the very least no one can see you fall,I've fallen hundreds of times,But I've chosen to get back up,I've made a lot of mistakes,But I learned it's about give and take,I've hurt a lot of people, Some physically,Some mentally,This is not something I'm proud of but I can't take it back,I can just keep moving forward and hope they cut me some slack,I have a lot of scars,Some you can see,Some that are far, Far within my soul held by me and I don't let them show,Ask me why? I don't knowAll I know is,You'll have happy times,You'll have sad times and you'll have bad times,You'll beat yourself up over decisions in the past,So my advice is to live each moment as if it's your last.  Poem written by Peter Chillemi 

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