The Game

lately Ive been having so many ideas, so many inspirations and shoes i must fulfill. Ive been thinking of ways to kill you off and live my dreams as well. Ive been trying to be different and stand out of this crowd. But im trying to do this differently, not just to wow the crowd. Trying to paint the perfect picture with out the picture frame. Trying to choose between delivering a message or receiving useless fame. You see im just like you, this ego pulls me up and I cannot restrain. Forgive me for not being tamed but I choose to wear this chain. Youve got everyone thinking that theyve all got it made. Thinking these fears are nothing they cant face. You pretend like youre striving for change. But your ego made you change. Now you act like youre at the top of the food chain. Forgetting who holds the heavy cane. You fool everyone else, but im just entertained. I think this is not enough for you, Ill just write and write again. Differentiating between realism and whats pretend. Do it over and over again, like an aborted baby, I'll give you life you just to kill you once again. I dont usually Fight with words, but youre no longer a friend. Call me mean or disrespectful but this is my lane. Dont hate the lyrical goddess, hate the mothafuckin game. 


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