The Galaxy of the Heart.


The heart is like a breathing storm, a galaxy

Filled with colliding constellations and black holes of life,

Which leaves in its wake a physical, 

Visual aftermath.

We as teenagers,

And even adults we see,


Stretch marks,

Split ends,

Teeth that might not be as straight as we want them to be.

However if we look with a different lens, the lens that god gave us as organic, 

Human beings,

Instead we'll see,

Formations of utter purity and undeniable aesthetic supremacy, 

Features that grant us the ability to claim exclusivity to our individual beauty.

So please.

Men and Women of all races,

Of all pigmentations,

Of all heights

Of all “weight classes”

I beg of you,

Understand that your body is flawless no matter how flawed you thing it is.

Understand that The universe cries at the vision of you going under the knife,

Hating yourself.


Love yourself.

I beg of you.

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