To Gain the Name of the Answered

To know, or not to know: that is the question;

Whether it is better to the heart to suffer 

Within the barred walls of a cage of the unknown,

Or to beat against these constrictions

And by forming a question break them.

To ignore, to forget

All troubles: and by the forgotten is to say we end

The excruciating wondering and the million imperfect 


That the mind is subject to,-‘t is a perfect situation

Desperately to be desired.

To ignore, to forget,

To forget! perhaps to repeat, ay, there’s the


For in that forgetfulness what mistakes may 


When we have wrapped ourselves within denial,

Must give us pause: there’s the fact

That makes calamity of so long consciousness;

For who would endure the pains and worries of

                the answer,

The unexpected knowledge, the unwanted decision

                of another,

The woes of what could be, the confusion,

The lack of understanding and the manipulation

That the too kind in heart from the devious takes,

When she herself might her peace make

With a great distraction?

Who would these burdens bear, 

To worry and fight under a ponderous mind,

But that the dread of that something unknown,

The uncover’d knowledge that comes from

A lack of questions, perplexes the mind

And forces us rather bear those anxieties we have

Than to flee from others that we know not of?

Thus conscience does push us forward in our


And thus the constant need for answers,

Is brought to light with the presence of our questions,

And ponderings of great worth and moment

With this regard their current stays true,

And gain the name of the answered.

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