Future me

Dear future me,  I don’t know when you are gonna read this letter How old you are gonna be,I just want to tell you: Good job. You did it. You’ve been in America for 1 year You realized your dream.I’m so proud of you.You are living this experience the best you can I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I’ll come backI don’t know if everyone will be forgotten youI don’t know anything But what i know now is that you followed your heart. If someone left you on your way,It means that you weren’t really important for these people,So just forget about themAnd keep going on your way. A lot of people gave up while they were in America,But you didn’t You are strong,Giving up on things is not for you Just don’t stop to chase your dreamDon’t forget who you are Who you want to beAnd what you want from life       I hope you are doing greatAnd you realized your dreamDid you went to a University?Did decide what to do?  Right now I’m really confusedI don’t know what I’m gonna do or what I want,So I hope your ideas are clearer And you know what you are doing. Did you travel a lot?Did you met new people?I hope you did Because is what you always loved. Do you have your own house?If yes, I bet you have a lot of animalsAre you keeping doing the hobbies that you used to like?Like skateboarding, reading and writing? Never forget about all the memories that you haveLike when you went in AmericaWhen you graduatedWhen you got the driving licenseWhen you went to Madagascar and all the other wonderful places that you sawDon’t forget anything  Never forget even about the bad ones that made the woman that you are nowThe last advice that I can give you is:Never forget to smile and take all the opportunities that the life offers youLive happy and always think about this quote:‘Love the life you live,Live the life you love’

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